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Mathematics is a universal language

As a language it is made up of signs, symbols and formulas that are well understood globally. A Math equation or problem need not be translated because somebody is from a different part of the world or background. This makes Mathematics a skill that every human needs to survive in the world. Money transactions in business all over the world are made without a common language.

Mathematics sharpens our problem solving skills

In problem solving we are presented with a problem, we examine it, then apply our skills to achieve a desired result. Through statistics, we are able to gather data and figure the number of maternal deaths in a geographical area for example. Through analyzing the data, we can arrive at predictions that will help inform the relevant authorities the measures that need to be taken.

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Mathematics is studied as a subject but it applies to many other disciplines.

It has enabled various disciplines to breakdown theoretical concepts. Mathematics teaches experts in other disciplines to gather, analyse, interpret and communicate that data to the world. It is through the measurement that farmer knows the right amount of fertilizer for their farms. A surgeon on the other hand will know the right amount of anesthetics during surgery. In economics we are able to understand taxes, profits, losses and dividends for example.

Mathematics manages finances

Arithmetic’s has a daily use in our day to day lives especially when handling money. We manage finances through understanding how much we earn and how much we spend. This gives us accountability. It has also helped us have a sense of time and a way numbering time even across different time zones globally. It informs all our activities. Mathematics essentially gives order to planet earth.

Mathematics grows our minds

The learning of mathematics is of great use in man’s cognitive development. Children literally grow their speaking abilities by just learning to count numbers. The more numbers they can count the sharper they get. It gives us an understanding of size, shapes and patterns. We explore the measurement of height, weight, volume, distance, speed and angles to understand our physical environment.