What is Algebra

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Algebra is a broad part of Math that follows all the rules of arithmetic which includes, addition, multiplication, division, and subtraction and introduces a new element of unknown. Here is an example, 10y= mx+ b, the symbols are place holders of unknown numbers. You may be required to solve an algebraic equation and Math knowledge is required to solve Algebra problems. Unknown values and variables are involved in solving algebra equations. Algebra knowledge is important as it prepares students in the understanding of Math categories like; Geometry, Calculus Trigonometry among others.

Categories of Algebra include;

Elementary Algebra

Elementary Algebra is mostly taught in high school and does not involve solving complex algebraic equations and it is mostly concerned with Algebraic quantities, Algebraic expressions, solving algebraic equations, solving systems of those algebraic equations. Studying Elementary Algebra introduces students to Algebraic math problems and how to solve them.

Abstract Algebra

Abstract Algebra is also known as Modern Algebra. It includes advanced Algebraic Math problems and it is taught in upper school level like in colleges and Universities. A student is required to have concrete Math problem-solving ability in order to solve Abstract Algebraic equations. Abstract Algebra is also involved in algebraic structures instead of number systems in Elementary Algebra. This is mostly involved in representation theory, homological algebra and Cumulative algebra which are among the major categories of Abstract algebra.

Terms used in Algebra

Algebraic equation

An Algebraic equation involves arithmetic concepts, Variables, and constants that attest two Math expressions are equal to each other. The equality of Math expression is shown by the use of symbols, for example; 20x +10 = 500

Algebraic Variables

An Algebraic variable is basically a symbol in an algebraic equation that is used for Algebraic expression example; 20x +10=500, X a variable used for Algebraic expression

Other terms used in algebra include; Two variable Equation, Monomial, Exponent, Polynomial, One variable Equation, among others.

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