What Is Math

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Mathematics is a symbolic logic science that deals with number, shapes, interrelation and arrangement. It creates a block chain in everything we do in our day-day lives, like art, engineering and architecture.

Mathematics continues to create new areas which are different due to their purpose they serve differ from each other. Pure mathematics is one of the Math branches and refers to the study of mathematical activity which does not require explicit. Examples of the areas which pure mathematics is applied are finance and cryptography. Applied mathematics which is the second math branch focuses on improving student’s mathematical and communication skills through solving problems which may rise from various areas including engineering, science and business.


Branches of Mathematics are divided into various groups:


It originated from a Greek word arthimos and it’s meant to be the oldest. However, Arithmetic involves dealing with numbers and operation like division, subtraction, addition and multiplication.


This is a branch of mathematics which involves finding the unknown in a calculation through resolving the equation.Algebra is used in the real world especially in businesses to predict and estimate sales and the annual spend of a customer. Elementary algebra as a form of algebra is taught in schools to students known not to have knowledge of Mathematics.


Trigonometry is a branch of mathematics which originated from a Greek word triangle + measurement. It helps in finding angles and distances which are used in calculation. It is helpful in science, games and engineering field.


This is a branch of Mathematics which involves the properties of space, size and angles,

It is helpful in the world to understand the things around us through finding areas, length and volumes. Geometry is applicable in the fields such as architecture, arts and other branches of mathematics.

Mathematics is a wide subject and is very essential for students to understand what math entails.

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