why study Algebra


We have to face the fact that we all need Algebra. Why study Algebra? Algebra helps you to do almost everything. It helps you even to be able to tell how many people are in your family. You could be asking yourself, is algebra necessary? Algebra is a must have subject in many schools. It happens to be a gateway to all Math fields. What does that mean? If you don’t do well in Algebra, it will be difficult for you to be a Mathematician. We can both agree it’s terrifying to solve complex Algebra problems and most people find it hard. Algebra ceases to be just a Math process but about abstract objects called functions. Learning Math is like building a house. A house needs a strong foundation to ensure that it does not collapse. Algebra is the foundation of Mathematics.


We all love the modern world, the truth is that it could not exist without Algebra. It’s important to understand why study Algebra before you decide learning it.

Ø Algebra is used to build bridges, Land people on the moon, to build roads. The accident Egyptians used Algebra to build the pyramids and have them stay all of these years.

Ø It is used in engineering and it’s a major in sciences. Without it, we couldn’t have modern civilization

Ø In most schools especially in the United States, one must pass Algebra in order to earn a diploma in high school

Ø We all want to be successful by having an interesting career, a good paying job, financially literate, you obviously need a Mathematical foundation and Algebra is the basis for those skills.

Ø Algebra helps you to develop critical thinking skills. By solving algebra problems one is able to develop problem-solving abilities more easily and fast. Which can relate to how you approach certain situations.

Ø Algebra forms a foundation to easily understand other subjects such as Calculus and Statistics.

Ø Imagine being able to explain how things change, analyzing patterns, and making generalizations. Of course, Algebra is used in these areas and it’s important to study and understand it so that not to be left out in the society.


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